8 Ways Large Sports Orgs are Evolving their Media Content Strategy

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The biggest brands and organizations in sports have come to a common conclusion: The current trends are troubling. If they keep doing business the way they have for the last several decades, ticket sales will plummet. Engagement will

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Sports and TV Ratings are Dropping – ESPN is worried, should you be?

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Young people are as compelled by YouTube celebrities as they are by anyone on traditional television. For sports content, they are more used to seeking out videos from these influencers on YouTube and Facebook than from ESPN.

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Introducing embeddable Buy Buttons for Video Subscriptions

Gbox News , Gbox Update , Selling Videos

Gbox now enables you to offer a Buy Button for video subscriptions directly on your website. Previously, the subscription paywall could only be activated inside the video player itself. When selected, the Buy Button will  directly show the paywall

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How Niche Experts Are Leveraging Video


If you’ve got a unique set of skills or in-depth knowledge in a certain field or subject area, creating video content to showcase your expertise could help you become a thought leader utilizing your niche expertise and provide

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Publish Your Gbox Videos Directly to your WordPress Site

Audience Building , Selling Videos

WordPress offers an easy and convenient way to present your videos on your website.  However, we found that our customers who utilize WordPress would prefer to directly publish the videos hosted on Gbox onto their blogs. In

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6 Tools that Separate the Extraordinary Video Creators from the Ordinary Ones

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Every day, thousands of hours of video are published and promoted online. If you’re hoping to monetize your video content or grow your audience, you’re not only competing against other digital media creators, you’re also competing against

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Introducing Video Subscriptions on Gbox

Gbox Tips , Pricing Content , Selling Videos

Gbox ​has just added Subscriptions ​as an additional video monetization option. Recurring video subscriptions are the lifeblood for many content creators, enabling an ongoing, predictable revenue stream. However, since everybody wants to have subscribers, consumers are increasingly

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The Blueprint for Making Viral Videos

Audience Building , Blog , Gbox Tips , Video Marketing

In his best-selling book, Contagious: Why Things Catch On, Wharton business professor Jonah Berger offers a blueprint for creating irresistible content that can be adapted to fit everything from blogs to emails to video content. Berger’s six

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From Ideation to Monetization: The Process of Launching a Successful Video Channel [INFOGRAPHIC]

Gbox Tips , Infographic , Pricing Content , Selling Videos , Video Marketing

Planning, creating, and launching a successful online video channel takes a lot of hard work. For dedicated filmmakers, creators, and new media entrepreneurs, it’s also incredibly rewarding! Gbox created the following infographic to help both aspiring and

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